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Pinterest iPhone 7 review Lightning only Photograph: One is a high-performance pair of cores the other is a pair of energy efficient cores. When the user does something demanding, such as 3D gaming, photo processing or similar, the two big cores fire up, but when just chewing through email or sending a text the two power efficient cores run the show. The iPhone 7 is snappy, feeling slightly faster than the iPhone 6S in general use. Some things, such as photo processing, particularly in something like Prisma, are also faster. It chews through games without issue and is capable of dealing with pretty much everything you could throw at it. Battery anxiety Battery life, however, is poor. Rather than having better battery life in my testing, the iPhone 7 has worse battery life than the iPhone 6S when new. If I had needed it to navigate me home or snap some pictures at night I would have to make sure I did a good charge before leaving the office. If I used it for maps for any walking or driving, battery life was much shorter.

Using Magic Mouse with Windows in Bootcamp

LinkedIn0 With the new iPad just released, I expect that we will have some first-time iPad users stopping by looking for help with their new devices. Also, some of you who may be upgrading from an iPad 2 or 3, or an original iPad Mini may find some of the tablet features in the latest version of iOS unfamiliar. With more new iPads likely still on the way, this is a good time to get back to some basics and brush up on some of the handy features of the current iPad lineup and iOS As such, I will be posting a new Tips and Tricks article each week for a bit.

For this first installment, I want to take a look at an unsung feature that came to us in iOS 9.

Normally, when you use BTC Mouse & Trackpad to connect a mouse to your iPad, that mouse will actually emulate touch. This means that when you connect to a remote computer, your BT mouse won’t act like a PC mouse, because in reality the mouse is emulating touch, which in turn emulates the mouse.

The park itself—packed with fabulously detailed buildings, statues, and wide-eyed children—sprawls in every direction, giving you tons of new areas to unlock. Customizing the grounds with everything from tea tables to churro stands is a blast, and an ongoing story featuring familiar villains helps round out the experience. I love watching my kingdom grow, my population rise, and my magic and gems add up. I love collecting items for a character, and defeating villains.

I think bringing back events would be very beneficial to most new players. Having events more often may increase the popularity of the app and encourage people to download. I would also enjoy if you expanded on the characters you already have, like including more Peter Pan characters. I also think the Fairy Godmother should come into the scene-she could help Merlin and would be a great gem character.

Pair A Bluetooth Device With Windows 7 [How-To]

While the parts are mainly housed in recyclable plastic for the sake of inductive charging , their silver paint and texture actually match well with the Magic Mouse’s metallic underside, and there’s no doubt that the charging mat’s silver-white combo is a homage to the previous-gen Mac Mini. Build quality is also satisfactory — we see even paint job and cleanly cut edges, although we did spot some light warping on the mat’s white surface. There’s not much to do to get the ball rolling, although we did have to push the battery module in with a little extra effort to make sure it snaps on — this is due to the module’s little metal spring that helps lifting it up when unlatching, so you’ll just have to live with it.

That said, once it’s installed, the module is flush with the mouse’s bottom side and doesn’t affect maneuverability.

Mar 26,  · Apple Magic Mouse w Surface. Discussion in ‘Microsoft Surface General Points: 0. I sold my MacBook pro over the summer and recently replaced it with a Surface (yay!) I kept my Bluetooth Apple Magic Mouse cause its worth a good bit and I kinda like it. Good News: It works with the Surface I’ve tried using the Magic Trackpad with my.

They’re now slimmer, sleeker, and more comfortable to use than ever. They’re also now fully rechargeable, with built-in lithium-ion batteries, so say goodbye to having to swap disposable AA cells. How do they recharge? How often do I have to charge them? What’s the battery life like? Apple says the new Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2, and Magic Trackpad 2 should last you about a month or more on a single charge. They’re still wireless and use Bluetooth, though, right?

The Magic Trackpad 2 works over Bluetooth on any Bluetooth 4. They’ll come pre-paired with any new Mac that includes them; if bought separately, the accessories pair instantly when you plug the Lightning cable in to your Mac for the first time. Okay, tell me about the Magic Keyboard?

How to Pair an Old Apple Mighty Mouse or Magic Mouse in Windows 10

Features[ edit ] Traditional ball mechanism Mice manufactured by Apple typically emphasize use of a single button control interface. It was not until that Apple introduced a mouse featuring a scroll ball and four programmable “buttons. Apple’s latest mouse uses laser tracking. History[ edit ] In , Apple was planning a business computer and arranged a visit with Xerox Parc research center to view some of their experimental technology.

compulsionstar July 27th, i like my trackpad on my make but if i was going to get something to hook to the side i would get a mouse or a wacom tablet. same thing when I had my G5 desktop.

I swore that I’d never even touch an iPod, let alone buy an Apple product. After a couple weeks with all this Apple stuff around me, my love for gadgets and closet Apple curiosity got the best of me. I picked up a co-workers iPod touch one afternoon and that’s all it took. I went out and bought one that night. PC or iPhone vs. Droid or iWhatever vs.

I honestly don’t really even know how to work a Mac. I love my iPhone, but I think my wife’s Droid is sweet too. I bought my iPad as soon as it came out. I was a pre-order guy.

These iPad Pro keyboard shortcuts help overcome a lack of mouse/trackpad support

Retina support, tech support, the accelerometer support, application switcher, media remote, and several other features. It’s still a great app, but I’d recommend the full version. For not much more money you get many more features.

Has anyone been able to successfully use an Apple Magic Mouse in bootcamp, preferably under Windows 7? I have tried a few time to connect the mouse using the Bluetooth menu in Windows, but have been unsuccessful in getting the mouse to connect.

The idea is to always move forwards, shooting the ball up ramps that send it to the next miniature table. Along the way, you grab dots to replenish the relentlessly ticking down timer, find and use power-ups, and play the odd mini-game, in a game that recalls basic but compelling fare once found on the LED displays of real-life tables. And while the seemingly simplified physics might nag pinball aficionados, it makes for an accessible and playable game for everyone else.

The premise is hackneyed — bunnies have been kidnapped, and a sole hero must save them. And the gameplay is familiar too, where you leap about a grid-like landscape, manipulating objects, avoiding hazards, finding keys, unlocking doors, and reaching a goal. But the execution is such that King Rabbit is immediately engaging, while new ideas keep coming as you work through the dozens of puzzles. You can perform all manner of tricks including grinding along fences when loads of cats suddenly appear , but the game in miserly fashion only bestows a single point per cat cleared, regardless of your amazing skills.

iPhone 7 review: how good can a phone be if the battery doesn’t even last a day?

For the iPad, however, you have to go through Bluetooth. Turn the Magic Keyboard on if it isn’t already. Otherwise, switch it off and then on to make it discoverable. The switch is on the back left. Launch the Settings app on your iPad.

Apple Magic Mouse: Apple better come up with one soon. For business/productivity use (ex. Spreadsheets) and for remote connect to a desktop a mouse would be great. Otherwise the iPad is great. The last missing link in making it a true business capable machine.

For one, you can turn an old handset into a security camera or baby monitor which you can use without buying a brand new standalone camera. And if your handset doesn’t have a front facing camera, or if your PC doesn’t have a webcam built in, then you can use the rear camera on the phone for video calls. It is obviously easier to buy a dedicated camera, but if you don’t want to buy a brand new webcam, or want to find a good use for your old phone instead of selling it, then setting it up like this is a nice idea.

Here’s how to set it up. Security camera One of the ways in which you can use an old phone is by setting it up as a security camera or a baby monitor. This is pretty easy to do with the right apps for both Android phones and iPhones. This is how you set it up:

Apple Magic Mouse 2: Unboxing & Review

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