Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough

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Cave of Shadows

Opposing Force , Blue Shift , and Decay. The base is a decommissioned ICBM launch complex at an undisclosed New Mexico desert location, which has been converted into a scientific research facility and bears a number of similarities to Los Alamos National Laboratory , Sandia National Laboratory and Area This facility is depicted as a vast series of underground research laboratories as well as surface constructions such as offices, chemical waste disposal plants, and personnel dormitories even cafeterias, where Gordon Freeman can destroy Doctor Magnusson ‘s microwave casserole , all powered by a hydroelectric dam and connected by an advanced tram system.

Over the course of the series, Black Mesa is revealed to be conducting top-secret research into various fields, such as teleportation and experimental weapons research.

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Entry posted in: It can be played online on his site but, just like with the original predecessor, it is preferred to download, unzip and play offline. Some information about the game can be found at my blog entry: Here is part one for version 1. If you would like to get around the backspace key protection just disable Javascript in your browser more info: Virtually Date Crystal 1.

As there are no parameters in the game influencing later situations you don’t need scripting. This also means that you can resume the game from a deadlock situation if you remember the name of the previous multiple choice html file. Playing by the chart takes most of the fun out of the game. But it comes in handy when you want to check if you have found all possibiliities.


The first time you play Story Level 1, the entrance is located at the railroad crossing in the College Town area near L5 in the College Town area. After you’ve beaten it once, the Story and Treasure Level entrance is the same L1 in the Hangar 51 area. After completing the Doom Town Story Level, return to the demolished Doom Town neighborhood and use the water bottles to extinguish the burning house R1 on the Hub Maps above.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Walkthrough

From the Main Screen you may manage player profiles. The Options Menu allows for the adjustment of music and sounds volume. You may play this game in windowed or full screen mode. You may disable the custom cursor.

Virtual Date Crystal part 2. Complete and totally free games (the author can request a non-obligatory financial contribution in thanks or to help him to create new game) I can only get to one of them which via a similar path to the walkthrough. ihutch great white .

Walk over to the right until you get to the tire swing. Click on the rope to cut it and make the tire drop to the ground. Now push the tire to make it roll along the ground. Keep pushing it while heading to the left of the screen. Push the tire through town and head to the next area to the left. Once you have them, jump up on top of the tire to get a nice bounce and then land up in the tree house or on the ladder. Climb up and enter the tree house.

Appendix:Crystal walkthrough/Section 3

This point and click game comes in 2 CDs. Nancy will show you the desk in her bedroom. This is where you can access the ‘How to be a Detective Book’ that shows the game manipulations. The Scrapbook has past Nancy Drew Games information.

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Edit The walkthrough was written while I played through the game on my PS3. If you’re playing the game on an Xbox , then don’t worry, that won’t affect much. There are a few PS3-specific references when I’m talking about button prompts for Live Triggers and Cinematic Actions, but they’re easy enough to translate. Plus, if you’re playing the game while you’re reading, then the choices will be on your screen anyway. I’ll be commenting on the story and cutscenes throughout this, ’cause that’s how I roll.

Scroll bars exist though, so you can use that to bypass all my nonsense. I’ll be playing on Normal difficulty because I’m hardcore. If you’re reading this walkthrough, then I recommend you play on Easy. You’re struggling enough with a game that you need advice from a stranger on the internet, so you’d obviously benefit from lowering the difficulty. It’s okay, nobody’s gonna mock you for it. If you’re looking to get a Platinum trophy out of this, then there’s only one trophy that requires playing on Normal, so you’re safe if you wanna play on Easy for the rest of it.

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Part 2 – The Hub Map

Once you enter the dungeon, first go east to find a Black Musk on the north side of this room. Return to the previous room and go south, then east. Get the Dark Claws from the chest.

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The Dark Project Gold v1. The Latest From Taffer 1. Updates Since Last Release Section 3: The Dark Project Gold 3. Reading This FAQ 3. Contacting the Author 3. Contact Through Email 3. Contact Through ICQ 3. Unauthorized Adding on ICQ 3. The True Meaning Of “Taffer” 3. The Metal Age Section 4:

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It is directly behind the blimp next to the entrance for the third mission. A character with a book is required to decipher the hieroglyphic to gain access to the blimp. A character with security access is required to open the hanger doors. Use a flying vehicle blimp recommended , and parachute to the top of the castle. Find the horn on the castle’s roof.

Felix Atagong’s Unfinished Projec Crystal is asked to participate in a pose-off game after the outdoor jacuzzi. It is a dead end street basically although the story continues for a couple of frames. The same ending Pose-off 2 (right side of the chart): The second pose-off game is more daring, contains a strip scene and leads to an empty.

Fierce Moon February 24, Share! Poptropica Reality TV Island has finally arrived after a tremendous amount of build-up, anticipation and delays. This new island works a little differently than all the other islands on Poptropica. There are essentially two parts. The first is the opening scene where you need to figure out how to become a contestant on a new reality TV show. This is a lot like previous quests but a lot shorter.

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Part 1 – The Hub Map

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Walkthrough[ edit ] New Bark Town This is where the game starts. Before you start playing, you will be asked to set the time of day and then, after a little speech from Professor Oak about all the Pokemon secrets yet to be revealed, you will choose a name for your character or make one up yourself. Downstairs from your room, your mom has you set the day of the week and whether it’s Daylight Savings Time or not. She also gives you your Pokegear, which includes a built-in phone and clock.

Now, go to the house all the way up and to the left. This is Professor Elm’s lab.

Pokémon Crystal – Part 3

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