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Or perhaps you recently saw a news brief about a celebrity who contracted hepatitis A or B. Whatever the reason, you want information about a viral illness that you may not have thought much about. What is viral hepatitis? Are you at risk for it? Do you need viral hepatitis vaccines? Hepatitis A and B:

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Advertisement “It provides a particular service to people who otherwise assume their dating life is over,” Steve Kasper , a consultant for the dating website Positive Singles, told the Daily News. Being upfront about their STD “eliminates some of the awkwardness” of typical dating, he said. Most people don’t know how to tell someone they’re dating they have an STD, Kasper explained.

Hep C Singlines Online This site seems to skew a bit older than most dating services. The number of potential partners is just OK. In a search run in March ’08, 39 hep C women were seeking men in California, just one of them in Los Angeles.

Honesty about this condition is a responsibility for people with Hepatitis B and C. Developing a support group for you is very important. A support group can range from one understanding individual to a number of people who can share their experiences. Prescription 4 Love is the perfect service for you to find others who share your circumstances. P4L provides personals for people with Hepatitis C. Hepatitis C singles can lead an active dating life. Once you understand the condition and your responsibility, then you can find others with whom to share your life.

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But, what started as a negative situation soon turned into many positive ones. I am hoping that my story will inspire people in several ways. In fact, I’d been living with this virus for many years but it was overlooked and undiagnosed by those in the medical profession throughout those years. My liver is now in stage 3, grade 3 Hepatitis C, advanced stage fibrosis the stage immediately before Cirrhosis and if I had been properly diagnosed years earlier, my liver would be in a much healthier state.

Hep C Dating. Find someone who you love may take some time, but since it is free, you have all the time in the world. Online dating are some of the most popular methods and fun to meet new people, participants are aware of how the Internet can bring people from all over the world.

Print Looking for something relatable to discuss on that first date? How about a universal truth: Here, a few members share both their bad and good dating experiences so you can learn from them. Just like that popular dating service, it is just lunch. After the first day or two of chatting, go have lunch.

Your post or ad has spoken. Have a conversation—have several conversations—and exchange emails. Listen to the other person. Read what he has written. Dating is not a monologue. There are no bad dates.

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They say that the main risk group is drug users who share needles. Spokesman Paul Desmond believes that up to , have the virus via a blood transfusion, based on numbers infected this way in other European countries. Experts believe there could be thousands of similar instances of of hep C contracted via hospital transfusions Charles Gore, of the Hepatitis C Trust, says: The majority are still undiagnosed.

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June 6 , Hi! I’m a 46 year-old, single mom never married of a 17 year-old son, living in New York. When first diagnosed with Hep C, one of my primary thoughts was to wonder if I was now destined to spend the rest of my life alone without a partner or “soul-mate”? It’s tough enough to have a relationship in today’s world under “normal” circumstances — once you throw Hepatitis C into the equation, it becomes that much more difficult!

After going through the transition between first being diagnosed and coming to the point of acceptance which, for me, took about six months , I was able to take what most would to be a negative situation and turn it around into many positive ones “Dr. Phil” and “Oprah” would be proud! You can read more about the site or me, if interested, at www. The site is only a few weeks young but membership should grow rapidly especially as there are so many of us out there – and unfortunately, many still undiagnosed!

I have a marketing campaign in place whereby I will be doing extensive advertising in the coming year, starting with an advertisement in the next issue of Hepatitis Magazine being mailed out June 18th. I will also pursue marketing the site in radio, possibly television and of course, the Internet! I have discussed my site with many people including my Doctor, Dr.

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Supplied Australia became one of the first countries in the world to subsidise new medicines for all people over the age of 18 who have chronic hepatitis C, making a suite of treatments available on the PBS in March New data from the Kirby Institute showed almost 40, people with hep C have taken up the subsidies. But the new medication — the first pan-genotypic hepatitis C treatment in the world — would cure patients in far greater numbers than ever before, Hepatitis NSW chief executive Stuart Loveday said.

They can finally put this terribly stigmatised illness behind them.

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That can make dating a little tricky. An STD means that it spreads generally via sexual intercourse. Because it is a blood borne pathogen, it does share most of the same risk factors, just not the same likelihoods. Relationships hurdles The misconception is part of the hurdle of the explanation. I casually work in the fact that I have advanced liver disease. Typically topics like bars, diet, or exercise are easy to use to approach the fact that I have nebulous liver complications.

I do this to ease a person into the conversation, it can be jarring without a proper understanding of what goes on first. By talking about the symptoms first we frame the disease is a more human light.

Blame Tinder, Grindr for the rise in sexually transmitted diseases? Not so fast

Originally Posted by mydogsobe I,m a 40 year old male who has been diagnosed with Hep c three yeras ago when I turned orange. I got it from a blood transfusion when I was 5 years old. I fill that it is so screwed up that the first thing that comes out of our mouths after we say we have hep is to give an excuss how we got it. Who cares if it was IV drug use or what ever. By having this desease has made me a better person, I can see how shallow a lot of people are about other people with a desease or disability.

Hep C Dating Welcome to the word’s first, largest and most effective dating site dedicated to singles with hep C. Dating itself is tough today,Dating with Hepatitis C is even is not easy to tell other singles that you have Hep will their reaction be?

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Dating and Hepatitis B – A Personal Perspective

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Having hepatitis C can affect your life in a number of ways, dating included. Meeting people can be hard enough as it is. You may feel like it’ll be even more difficult if you have hepatitis C.

Yellow discoloration of the skin and eyes jaundice Dark-colored urine Fluid buildup in your abdomen ascites Swelling in your legs Confusion, drowsiness and slurred speech hepatic encephalopathy Spider-like blood vessels on your skin spider angiomas Every chronic hepatitis C infection starts with an acute phase. Acute hepatitis C usually goes undiagnosed because it rarely causes symptoms.

When signs and symptoms are present, they may include jaundice, along with fatigue, nausea, fever and muscle aches. Acute symptoms appear one to three months after exposure to the virus and last two weeks to three months. Acute hepatitis C infection doesn’t always become chronic. Some people clear HCV from their bodies after the acute phase, an outcome known as spontaneous viral clearance.

In studies of people diagnosed with acute HCV, rates of spontaneous viral clearance have varied from 14 to 50 percent. Acute hepatitis C also responds well to antiviral therapy. The infection spreads when blood contaminated with the virus enters the bloodstream of an uninfected person. Globally, HCV exists in several distinct forms, known as genotypes.

Huge surge in hepatitis C among pregnant women in the US

Most people with hepatitis C do not realize they have the virus because it can take years or even decades for symptoms to appear. Around one in four people with hepatitis C will get rid of the virus naturally. The remainder will develop chronic infection.

Mar 22,  · But since I have antibodies and body fluids I would like to have a dating site for those of us that are treated and non-detectable. I do not want to give this to anyone that is virus free. get in touch please I feel like I am living in a leper colony. Hep C works like this: You get it, you live for years, it destroys/starts to destroy.

Back to home page Got a match? Hep C dating services There are quite a few dating sites that seek to hook up the hepatitis C community. Unfortunately, the larger dating sites such as Match. For a while, herpes singles were using a phone-number code to wink at each other on these big dating sites, but that never really caught on. One reason hep C romance seekers don’t have a more robust selection of dating services is that, in the opinion of most researchers and doctors, they simply don’t need to date outside the general population.

Unlike people with, say, genital herpes — many of whom prefer to “date within the club” since by definition the virus is sexually transmitted. This site also offers help in talking about hep C with romantic partners and a look at the risks of hepatitis infection. Here are the two major hepatitis C dating sites as well as Positive Singles, the “Match. The number of potential partners is just OK. In a search run in March ’08, 39 hep C women were seeking men in California, just one of them in Los Angeles.

In Florida, a sweep of men produced 44 hits, with just one in Miami. There were quite a few people in these results who had not logged in recently.

Hepatitis C Symptoms – Stages of this Disease and over 10 Signs you could have It!

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