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Postings from Steven Searle, candidate for US President in , pioneer of the written political contract, founder of the Independent Contractors’ Party. Wednesday, February 19, Is the Soka Gakkai a cult? Opening Statement I think everybody should join a cult at one time or another in their twenties. It doesn’t matter if you really “believe,” since the experience itself will be an eyeopener for the rest of your life.

Sample Anecdote I’m going to end this essay with a series of anecdotes concerning my religious cult experience, but I can’t resist offering a sample now.

Discussion meetings–one of the traditional activities of the Soka Gakkai dating back to the days of its first president, Tsunesaburo Makiguchi–are gatherings of small numbers of members and guests, and consist of a study session on the writings of Nichiren, members’ experiences of faith, and guidance from leaders to encourage the attendees to utilize the strength and wisdom derived from.

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Other Nichiren sects and subsects 4. Temples built by Soka Gakkai and dedicated to Nichiren Shoshu—at the rate of from ten to twenty a year—account for most of the increase. Today Taiseki-ji, the head temple of Nichiren Shoshu, is undoubtedly the most prosperous of all the Buddhist temples of Japan, with approximately fifteen thousand votaries visiting it daily during eleven months of the year. This statement leaves aside the temples that attract legions of tourists each year, such as those of Kyoto.

Foreword by Daisaku Ikeda.

May 25,  · From the developer of , free & ad-free app to help practicing Nichiren Buddhism with the Soka Gakkai International. – Create Daimoku Campaigns & see each goal clearly!/5().

The above list is not comprehensive. The number of syncretic deities proliferated. Despite early resistance, syncretism was relatively smooth and marked by religious tolerance. An academic school of thought that gained prominence in the late 18th century. Instead, they turned to the Japanese classics and pursued a painstaking study of ancient Japanese philology and thought.

The sect gained great favor and influence in court affairs in the Heian period to The central deity at Mt. The Nichiren sect originated in the Kamakura era to and preaches that unmitigated faith in the Lotus Sutra is the sole means of liberation and salvation. It originally contained Buddhist elements, but Confucian elements were added in later periods. He then gave political control to Ninigi but retained control of religious affairs.

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Back then, for large meetings such as kosen rufu gongyo, the women sat on one side and the men sat on the other. Because that was the American norm? Bet nobody bothered to tell you that Nichiren Buddhism, in the form of Nichiren Shu, had already been in the USA for over half a century by that point. That’s right – Nichiren Shu arrived in Hawaii in Two years later , there was a Nichiren Shu temple on the island of Hawaii. At this point, there are a dozen temples and several additional propagation centers in the US.

Sōka-gakkai has had rapid growth since the s and is the most successful of the new religious movements that sprang up in the 20th century in Japan, but, in following the teachings of the Buddhist saint Nichiren, it belongs to a tradition dating from the 13th century. In the first decade of the 21st century the group claimed a membership of.

Buddhism Guide at About. Features an online guide to Buddhism, and a large and growing library of resources and links on Buddhist topics. Also includes an online mall specializing in Japanese goods, various forums, and tons of info on living and traveling in Japan. Its mission is to unite people from different nations, cultures, and races in online discussions of Buddhist teaching. Hugo’s aim is to discuss, in plain words, the history, beliefs and symbols of Japanese Buddhism, while allowing site readers to ask questions and share answers.

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Index of Cults and Religions

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That’s when he inspires the most,” says Vicky Ho Pei Ying, a curator from Soka Gakkai Malaysia. The Nature section, dating back to the s, includes landscape works from places such as Batu Caves, Ipoh, Penang Hill and Tapah right to the outskirts of Paris, upstate New York vineyards, and rustic scenes in Prague, Czech Republic.

Known as SGI Europe, this English-language business newsletter focuses on European countries and on companies operating in the increasingly integrated European market throughout the supply chain, including the global brands and other vendors, distributors, agents and retailers. SGI Europe provides exclusive statistics on the market. It doesn’t cover the U. They can get it in print or download it as a pdf file in two alternative versions, like the American SGI newsletter.

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My aunt introduced her to the practice. However, I never remember seeing my mum chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. My mum was addicted to illegal drugs for most of my life. She had four children—my sister, me and my two younger brothers. When I was 12 years old, my aunt brought me and my sister to California to stay with her for two weeks. During our stay we chanted and went to Buddhist meetings.

The World Tribune spoke with SGI-USA member Gerald Oda, head coach of the Honolulu Little League baseball team. The Hawaii team won the Little League World Series, a worldwide baseball tournament for children ages 10–

These were not recognized by some individuals in the early Buddhist schools. In other cases, Buddhist communities were divided along these doctrinal lines. According to this view, there were three such “turnings”: It is described as marvelous and wonderful, but requiring interpretation and occasioning controversy.

This turning represents the earliest phase of the Buddhist teachings and the earliest period in the history of Buddhism. This turning is also described as marvelous and wonderful, but requiring interpretation and occasioning controversy. These were meant to be completely explicit teachings in their entire detail, for which interpretations would not be necessary, and controversy would not occur.

The Buddha Nature teachings are normally included in the third turning of the wheel[ citation needed ]. The Chinese tradition has a different scheme.

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Ananda Marga, Denver, CO: Philosophy and deities of Hinduism , teaches meditation and yoga. Publishes the Anchor of Golden Light newsletter. A UFO group whose leader, a. Dwight York claims to be form the 19th galaxy, called Illyuwn. A FBI report calls the group a “front for a wide range of criminal activity, including arson, welfare fraud and extortion.

Soka Gakkai’s Deviations Clear to All “Dedicated to those Soka Gakkai Members who wish to know the truth” Excerpts from White Paper: Cases of “Individual Conspicuous Punishment” for .

These were not exclusive schools, and temples were apt to have scholars versed in several of the schools. It has been suggested that they can best be thought of as “study groups”. The Buddhism of these periods, known as the Asuka period and Nara period — was not a practical religion, being more the domain of learned priests whose official function was to pray for the peace and prosperity of the state and imperial house.

Their practice was a combination of Buddhist and Daoist elements and the incorporation of shamanistic features of indigenous practices. Some of these figures became immensely popular, and were a source of criticism towards the sophisticated academic and bureaucratic Buddhism of the capital. In the Kamakura shogunate was established at Kamakura. Additionally, it was during the Kamakura period that the influential monk Nichiren began teaching devotion to the Lotus Sutra.

Eventually, his disciples formed their own school of Nichiren Buddhism , which includes various sects that have their own interpretations of Nichiren’s teachings. Nichiren Buddhism established the foundation of Japanese Buddhism in the thirteenth century. The school is known for its sociopolitical activism and looks to reform society through faith. It was built in Muromachi period. In the Muromachi period , Zen, particularly the Rinzai school , obtained the help of the Ashikaga shogunate and the Emperor of Japan , and accomplished considerable development.

This decreased the power of Buddhism, which had become a strong political and military force in Japan.

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Early life[ edit ] Bloom was born in in Canterbury , Kent , and was named after the 16th century English composer Orlando Gibbons. However, when he was thirteen, Bloom’s mother revealed to him that his biological father was actually Colin Stone, his mother’s partner and family friend. Through her, Bloom is a cousin of photographer Sebastian Copeland. Bloom was discovered to be dyslexic , [9] [15] and was encouraged by his mother to take art and drama classes.

Because, as we will see, there appear to be very few Japanese Soka Gakkai members among the upper and upper-middle strata, foreigners in the business and .

However, most important of all is actual proof. Looking back, we see that slanderous acts and destruction of the correct Law had already begun within the Soka Gakkai when in they took the so-called “line of 77” their first deviation from the Daishonin’s teaching. Then, in , Soka Gakkai calculatingly launched a full-scale revolt against Nichiren Shoshu, which culminated in their excommunication from Nichiren Shoshu in During this time, the members of the Soka Gakkai, from the central leadership down to the lowest level, have been continuously demonstrating actual proofs of the Buddha’s truly stringent punishment.

Grave slanders committed by the Gakkai Ikeda as the true Buddha, denial of the Heritage, etc. The cause of death was gastric perforation a hole in the stomach. Following graduation from Soka University, Shirohisa Ikeda began his career as a staff employee of his alma mater. It is said that Daisaku Ikeda favored Shirohisa very much because his body type was similar to his own and as such, he was commonly regarded as his father’s likely successor to lead the Soka Gakkai in the future.

So why is it that Shirohisa suddenly died of a gastric perforation which, unless left untreated, is not normally fatal? In the 10th volume of Daisaku Ikeda’s novel “Human Revolution,” in the chapter called “A Steep Path,” there is a passage which reads like a prediction of Ikeda’s own son’s death:

Why I left the SGI: A Black Buddhist Lecture by Anthony “Amp” Elmore

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