Overall, a high-quality ultrasound in a woman’s first trimester is the most accurate method of establishing or confirming the gestational age of the fetus. Therefore, if information from an ultrasound is available — or if the date of the woman’s last menstrual period is known — health care providers should estimate the woman’s due date and record it in her files as early as possible, using whatever they believe to be the best obstetrical method. Women are traditionally told their due date is days, or 40 weeks, after the first day of their last period — a rule of thumb that assumes each woman has a typical day cycle and that each woman ovulates on the 14th day of her cycle. If, for example, an ultrasound performed less than 14 weeks into the pregnancy suggests a due date that differs by more than seven days from the estimated due date generated by a woman’s last period, the woman’s providers should change her due date to reflect her ultrasound. Before the nine-week mark, a discrepancy of more than five days is reason enough to change her due date. However, Monday’s joint statement from the various medical groups emphasizes that a woman’s due date should rarely be changed based on an ultrasound in her second or third trimester — particularly if she had a previous ultrasound that closely matched the estimate generated according to her last menstrual period. The estimates determined by a woman’s fertility team — for example, the age of the embryo and date of transfer in the case of IVF — should be the primary measure used to determine a woman’s due date, as opposed to subsequent ultrasounds. Yet even with improved imaging and dating policies, estimated due dates are just that — estimates. Only a small number of women — 5 percent, according to some figures — deliver on their given due date.

Trimesters and Due Date

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Nov 10,  · OB Wheels is a simple and straightforward app, which is easy-to-use except the traditional OB wheel, which requires some re-design in order to be more functional and less complicated. Overall, OB Wheels app is a solid, free addition to a huge family of OB/Gyn related apps%.

By JustMommies staff Check with your doctor. The first and most important thing to remember when considering what is safe and reasonable regarding your body, weight, and pregnancy, is to ask your doctor. If you are considering weight loss while you are pregnant, many variables will determine what and how much exercise or diet will be healthy, so talking with your physician about your specific conditions and needs is crucial.

Even under normal pregnant circumstances, issues regarding the lack of vitamins and nutrients that come about with dieting and fluids are of utmost importance. Even very minor malnourishment can lead to brain damage in the quickly developing fetus, creating lifelong negative effects. However, once you’ve discussed it in depth with your OB, there are plenty of ways you can stay healthy and fit while maintaining prenatal health.

There are various guidelines and menus you can work with while pregnant; even Weight Watchers offers programs geared for pregnant women. As long as you are under professional supervision, you can know that you’re doing the very best for your baby’s nutrients and health while adjusting your weight. The best thing to focus on when you are pregnant, even if you are overweight, is not to lose weight, but to be healthy.

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A free pregnancy calculator to calculate your due date. Use your LMP and cycle length in our pregnancy calculator to discover your own pregnancy calendar.

General[ edit ] The equinoxes are the only times when the solar terminator the “edge” between night and day is perpendicular to the equator. As a result, the northern and southern hemispheres are equally illuminated. The word comes from Latin equi or “equal” and nox meaning “night”. In other words, the equinoxes are the only times when the subsolar point is on the equator, meaning that the Sun is exactly overhead at a point on the equatorial line.

The subsolar point crosses the equator moving northward at the March equinox and southward at the September equinox. The equinoxes, along with solstices , are directly related to the seasons of the year. In the northern hemisphere, the vernal equinox March conventionally marks the beginning of spring in most cultures and is considered the New Year in the Persian calendar or Iranian calendars as Nowruz means new day , while the autumnal equinox September marks the beginning of autumn.

Diagram of the Earth’s seasons as seen from the north. Diagram of the Earth’s seasons as seen from the south. Because the Julian year is longer than the tropical year by about The Pope wanted to continue to conform with the edicts concerning the date of Easter of the Council of Nicaea of AD , which means he wanted to move the vernal equinox to the date on which it fell at that time 21 March is the day allocated to it in the Easter table of the Julian calendar.

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Dual dating is the practice, in historical materials, to indicate some dates with what appears to be duplicate, or excessive digits, sometimes separated by a hyphen or a slash. This is also often referred to as double dating. The need for double dating arose from the transition from an .

Notes References This calculator gives you many options for estimating gestation and delivery dates. Input any or all parameters to compare the various date calculations. The Current Date is set to your local workstation date. Gestation by LMP is calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period. Gestation by CRL is calculated: This will be gestation at time of ultrasound.

Gestation by BPD is calculated using the formula: Gestation by HC is calculated: A comparative analysis of second-trimester ultrasound dating formulae in pregnancies conceived with artificial reproductive techniques. New charts for ultrasound dating of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Calendar

Stone spheres in Costa Rica Photo Credit: Known locally as Las Bolas “The Balls” , these monuments were the works of a Pre-Colombian civilization, and most are made from gabbro, a rock that forms from molten magma. The people who carved the stones into their perfectly spherical shapes likely did so using other small stones, according to archaeologists who study the ancient rocks. Many non-experts have speculated that the so-called Diquis Spheres were used for astronomical purposes, while others think they may have pointed the way to significant places.

Old Style (O.S.) and New Style (N.S.) are terms sometimes used with dates to indicate that the calendar convention used at the time described is different from that .

In our office, we treat pregnant women with preterm labor, hypertension, diabetes, clotting disorders, recurrent miscarriages and previous pregnancy losses, advanced maternal age and other conditions requiring specialized care. We hope to make this an enjoyable experience for you, your baby, and your family. Our doctors are committed to healthy moms and healthy babies. For your convenience, our doctors deliver at Baptist East and Jackson Hospital. Please discuss your hospital choice with your provider at your first office visit.

You will need to notify your insurance company of your pregnancy. We will try to pre-certify your insurance coverage as a courtesy to you, but pre-certification is ultimately your responsibility. Your insurance will be verified and you will be notified of any cost that is your responsibility. Any additional office visits or hospital services for complications of pregnancy within this time period will be billed separately. Please bring any medical leave forms to our office as soon as you receive them from your place of employment.

Allow weeks for these forms to be completed by our office staff.

Ultrasound: Sonogram

The tests include observing the physical and emotional changes of your body, birthdate calculation methods, superstitious methods, ancient wisdom methods, and much more. Select Baby Gender Other than family planning, selecting baby gender could be essential for preventing sex-related illnesses and disorders. The fact is that the same gender chart can be used as a baby gender selction machine.

You pick a gender, and the machine will show you what is the best time to get pregnant.

Calculate your baby’s due date, expected weight, and length. Enter LMP, date of embryo transfer, date of conception, or use as reverse calculator. Find out what’s developing.

View All Your due date is one of the first things calculated in your prenatal care. The due date is something that will help guide both you and your practitioner for gestational age-appropriate prenatal care , testing and ultimately your baby’s birth. It is, therefore, very important to ensure that you have the most accurate due date possible. Sometimes things happen, and you might find yourself being told that your due date is really a different date than you originally expected.

Here is what you need to ask before agreeing to a change in date: Is there some new clinical data? Is my fundus top of the uterus measuring differently than expected? If so, what else might be causing that measurement to be off? One common scenario that I hear is that a mom has been told that her due date is a certain date her whole pregnancy, but then at an ultrasound near the middle of pregnancy, she is told a different date, usually only a matter of days different.

But the truth is this change, if it is less than fourteen days in either direction, is probably within the normal variation, because ultrasound at this juncture is limited in its use for dating a pregnancy. While being due a few days earlier might seem like a sweet deal now, it may be something that worries you if your pregnancy extends towards forty-two weeks. This type of change might add extra risk to your pregnancy by facing an induction of labor that is unnecessary. It is important to add that ultrasound in the first trimester is considered to be much more accurate for dating purposes, being within ten days plus or minus the birth of the baby, but it is not recommended that all mothers have a dating screen because of such a slight difference in dates.

This is used for women who have no data or very scanty data from irregular cycles.

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